Slackjaw fuckin sucks lol


A trip through memory lane via incriminating confessions

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You may know me as the judicious, loving, kindred-hearted ‘Brad Bison’ through my various helpful writings on this website. All of my articles are thoroughly good-natured, family-friendly content for all to enjoy. But before I was the virtuous man you love today, I was a kid. A kid who was…


Thanks to a few notable celebrity trail-blazers, the recreational value of crack has been rediscovered

Illegal Drugs by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

Ladies and Gentlemen, crack is back on the menu in 2020. I know we’re all clamoring to get out of the house, hug our friends, and smoke crack. Using predictive analytics and graphs and shit, we have identified the absolute best places to smoke crack in 2021.

Here are the…


January 5th Run-off: The South will Rise from their graves to own the libs

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After the close race for the presidency was lost to Joe Biden and the Democrats, and with pivotal Georgia Senate runoffs approaching, Mitch McConnell unveiled his new vote getting strategy: Letting the corpses of Confederate soldiers in Georgia vote in the senate race.

“We were able to get…

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1. You Don’t Even Fucking Blaze

You don’t even blaze man. We all know you don’t, you’re so lame dawg. You’re so soft, seriously are such a dweeb. Not only do you not blaze, I bet you’re scared to Juul too.

What? Too scared to pack a bowl during lunch and rip the bubbler…

Brad Bison

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